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Communauté de Communes du Val Marnaysien

Hiking trails "Entre Vallées et Monts"
You will find in this guide all of the pedestrian and VTT routes of the Val Marnaysien and the Monts de Gy.

Also available, free of charge, at the Tourist Office of the Monts de Gy and the Val Marnaysien.

The old railway line
Since the end of 2013, the Community of Communes undertook rehabilitation works on the former P.L.M railway line. It is now possible to walk on this road (reserved for pedestrians and cyclists). 7 km need to be reached before getting to the village of Pin. Possible start on the old Marnay level crossing. Possibility of continuing from the old station of Emagny until Moncley.

The feudal enclosure of the Châtelard

Mother Nature has resumed her rights to the site of an ancient medieval fortification. What could be more natural than associating one with the other?
"La Chaux" lawn trail

At Etrabonne, a lawn is home to a remarkable fauna and flora. This is part of the network of 20 Sensitive Natural Spaces classified as departmental interest in the Doubs. An interpretation trail will allow you to discover this site.
Botanical trail of Mercey-le-Grand

This course into the wood of Mercey-le-Grand is ideal to discover, along the trail, the fauna and forest biodiversity through several signs.

The Plagues Cemetery

At the exit of the village of Recologne, in the direction of Chevigney-sur-l'Ognon, a marked way will lead you to the cemetery of the plague of 1632.
The way of Saint Jacques de Compostela
The way of Compostela in Franche-Comté constitutes the missing link connecting the Alsace road to the road of Cluny leading to the Puy-en-Velay. It crosses the department of the Haute-Saône in all its length. It passes by Villersexel, Fondremand, Bucey-les-Gy, Gy, Marnay then leaves in direction of the Jura to reach Mont Roland.

>> Download the guide of Compostela : front / back
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Horseback Riding
>> Les Ecuries du Bois Ailé à Jallerange
Contact : 06 81 79 78 88 - website
>> Le Bois d'Ambre à Ferrières-les-Bois
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